This collection is inspired by the Elements of nature, water, fire, earth, air.
Each piece is uniquely designed and hand made and impossible to replicate exactly, giving each piece the uniquely authenticity that art work deserve, always changing and mutating like nature itself. 
You will keep finding new details each time you look at your ring, earrings, necklace or bracelet, as light will unfold new secret spaces, hidden gems and details, you haven't seen before.
The purpose of this collection is to capture the infinite beauty and perfection of nature and bring it to your eyes, to sensibilize the crowds to protect and preserve our unique, mesmerizing world.
We gladly accept custom orders for this collection, if you have a gem or diamond that you'd like to revive with new life, in a spectacular, one of a kind, everlasting piece of art, with our Italian artistry, we will conceive your own, personal master piece.