• fine large natural aquamarine blue in custom design platinum and diamond ring lady diana

The Art of giving Life to Jewelry

Every piece of jewelry is designed and manufactured entirely by me.

Each person is looking for a one-on-one experience with a personal jeweler and designer that helps them elaborate ideas into a real unique, precious, wearable piece of art.

From selecting the finest gemstones at very fair prices, to create 3D photo realistic renderings, to manufacture it, from concept to finished, stunning, ready to wear, artwork.

Metalsmithing, Gems and Diamonds picking and setting, I offer a very rare and special experience to my clients, which they recognize, appreciate and treasure until their next project.

Born from my italian family traditions, stone towns and hilly vineyards, enjoying life, love and art.

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Art and Craftmanships behind the scene

Celebrating Mother Nature

The Elements of Nature and their feelings, captured and immortalized forever in unique Sculptures as Tribute to our Earth

Empowering - Balance

Sacred shapes of the Pyramids and Energy, with semi-precious gemstones to protect, empower and balance, for a new Life

Giving life to everlasting Emotions

Your Love Promise could really give life to a special Engagement Ring with Ferrucci Diamonds